Operators aren't machines

Even the most efficient automated systems require a human touch during day-to-day operation and maintenance. Why not make an operator's workflow as simple as possible?

Digitronik's workflow optimization solutions will:

  • Increase operator awareness and reactivity
  • Eliminate lost productivity due to human error
  • Decrease material handling and changeover induced downtime
  • Reduce training cost
  • Accelerate troubleshooting and maintenance
operator interface

Take care of your human factors

Digitronik is the only control system integrator with an in-house usability expert.

Our team delivers:

  • Efficient, usable HMI designs
  • Highly-visible process status displays (Andon)
  • Electronic user manuals and work instructions
  • Usability assessments and consulting
  • Operator training materials and instruction
  • Digestible process data analysis

An optimized operator workflow lets your new or existing equipment reach its full potential


Past Projects

Automated Part Scanning Test Fixture

Engineering Objective
Deliver a custom .NET application to control eight axes of motion while collecting and processing sensor data for parts produced by an experimental process

Business Objective
Support arbitrary scan configurations within a wizard-like operator workflow for flexibility and ease of use


  • Streamline the operator interface with a simplified workflow and detailed sensor data display
  • Design a usable scan configuration screen with variable scan direction, interval, and part regions
  • Avoid collisions with a fragile part while moving in 3D space
  • Communicate with a data processing server using the customer’s proprietary API

Contact Lens Order Processing Application

Engineering Objective
Deliver a custom .NET application to feed order data to an automated contact lens mill

Business Objective
Maximize overall equipment effectiveness through efficient order processing and operator interaction


  • Complex processing and resource allocation algorithms
  • Detailed data collection requirements for regulatory compliance
  • Real-time monitoring and control in coordination with an Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Optimized user interface for ease of use