Track, analyze, and report the data that matters to your business

Information technology has never been so critical to manufacturing, and with increased efficiency demands and complex processes the role of IT in manufacturing operations continues to grow.

Digitronik can help you integrate:

  • PC-based control systems
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Complex recipe creation and management
  • Order entry and processing logic
  • Remote logging and monitoring

Data is the key to making the most cost-effective decisions, and we'll give you everything you need to succeed.

scada systems

Know it all from the comfort of your desk

A distributed process or automated equipment line generates an immense amount of data. Using a SCADA system to track and report data leads to an optimized process, increased OEE, and streamlined operations. An off-the-shelf SCADA or MES package can be customized to give you the right information, in the right format, where and when you need it. Our developers will even extend an existing platform to provide functionality beyond what comes in the box.

We give you the power to optimize your plant's productivity

packaging systems


Digitronik is an official Kepware System Integrator

Kepware's products help our customers unlock the power of data collection and analysis. As a silver-level system integrator, we have Kepware application experience and meet Kepware's product training qualifications.

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SCADA Platforms

  • Inductive Automation Ignition
  • Indusoft Web Studio
  • Wonderware
  • Siemens SIMATIC WinCC
  • GE Proficy iFIX

PC Frameworks and Languages

  • Microsoft C# .NET and VB.NET
  • Automated Solutions ASComm.NET
  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • Modbus, SLIP, CAN protocols
  • C/C++, Visual Basic 6, Java, Python, Ruby, Delphi, and more

Information Technology

  • Kepware ClientAce and Kepserver OPC stack
  • XLReporter
  • MySQL and MSSQL databases

Past Projects

End-of-line Test Data Collection and Reporting

Engineering Objective
Collect and report process data for medical device assembly end-of-line test cell

Business Objective
Provide searchable database to make test results available for analysis and future process optimization


  • Collect and display large amounts of data in a readable form, with charting for process data
  • Integrate XLReporter package with Allen-Bradley RSLinx OPC server
  • Configure test events to automatically generate discrete reports for each part upon test completion
  • Store all process data in an MSSQL database for future retrieval via interactive Excel sheet

Throttle Position Sensor Calibration

Engineering Objective
Integrate embedded chip calibration into throttle body assembly line

Business Objective
Minimize total cycle time and provide intuitive process feedback for the lean cell operator


  • Merge new calibration functionality into old code
  • Certify tray loaders attached to many different types of equipment
  • Apply software engineering best practices to debug and enhance new calibration code
  • Implement robust state control and fault handling