What’s old is new again

Industrial equipment isn’t cheap, so when it’s time to upgrade, starting from scratch is rarely an option. Digitronik can bring your automated system into the 21st century with a modern control system from Allen-Bradley, Siemens, or Omron. While we’re at it, we’ll give it all a fresh coat of paint, so everything works better than new.

legacy systems

Conversions, clones, or enhancements

Whether you're converting the control system for our OEM product to a new platform, cloning and commissioning a new version of an existing design, or adding features or fixing bugs on a piece of legacy equipment, Digitronik has the skills to get it done.

We'll get your old equipment running better than new


Past Projects

Roll Cleaner Code Conversion

Engineering Objective
Convert an existing codebase to work on a variety of platforms, including Siemens and CTI

Business Objective
Reduce downtime required to clean print rollers


  • Quickly learn legacy PLC platform to understand original code
  • Rewrite project to use standardized code style
  • Redraw electrical prints to use standardized format
  • Update servo drive programs for new equipment

Print Press Motion Controls Retrofit

Engineering Objective
Update code and replace servo drives and motors on cranes in a paper roll warehouse

Business Objective
Ensure long-term maintainability of the cranes to meet printing demands


  • Update existing program to use new motion control interface
  • Overcome lack of documentation for existing solution
  • Safely debug a many-ton crane without bodily injury or damage to equipment
  • Read and interpret original program written in German